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Senior Usher’s

Senior Usher’s Ministry

Purpose (Why do we exist?)

To render service by ushering whenever we are called upon, welcoming all who enter into the House of God. Standing post and maintaining order not only during Sunday service but whenever needed to serve.

Who do we serve?

We serve the church as doorkeepers to all members of St. Matthew’s church as well as visiting churchers. We also serve at other churches when called upon.

When do we meet?

Third Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm in the Lloyd Taylor Fellowship Hall.

How do others get involved?

All are welcomed to come to one of our meetings or let one of our Ushers know that you are interested in learning about the Ushers or would like to become an Usher.


Women – White Uniform, ushers badge, white gloves, white stockings & shoes (small white earrings, no bracelets).

Men – Black or Navy Blue Suits whiteshirt, white gloves, ushers badge. Logo is the Ushers Emblem.

Responsibilities of members

1. Attend Ushers Ministry Meetings.
2. Attend training & workshops to understand the position of Ushering with guidelines and procedures.
3. Participate in annual fund raising efforts as well as yearly ushers’ anniversary.
4. Pay dues as well as yearly pledges for ushers anniversary and scholarship funds.
5. Every usher is assigned a Sunday to work and need to arrive to church 15-20 minutes before service begins to place fresh water, fans and literature in the pulpit. If there is an afternoon or evening service the same guidelines apply along with handing out programs.
6. Before morning service prayer is held along with the Deacons. After prayer has concluded ushers will then take their position.
7. Ushers are to be on post when any service is held at the church (i.e. annual days, musicals, preaching). We also usher at funerals when it is a member of the church (if it is someone using our church for funeral services we will provide ushers only upon request).
8. Travel and provide Ushers when Pastor Kevin C. Hardy has engagements and appointments outside of the church.
9. Support and attend other Ushers Anniversaries that are a part of the United Ushers Association.
10. Attend Ushers Anniversaries of those who are a part of the United Ushers Association.


Sis. Jan Lewis
(203) 843-4802

Sis. Lisa Green

Sis. Latoya Myers

Correspondence Secretary
Sis. Renee Nelson

Sis. Sheryl Ravenell

Head Usher
Sis. Ernestine Bromell

Asst. Head Usher
Sis. Dorothy Agnew

Sis. Colette Boyd

Sargeant of Arms
Sis. Jan Lewis

Roll Call Attendant
Sis. Latoya Myers

Honorary Advisor
Sis. Helen Bromell

Usher’s Creed

I wear the badge of service,
So boldly on my chest.
It tells congregation
That I will do my best

No matter what the program,
how large or small the crowd
you’ll know me by my trademark
White gloves I wear so proud.

I dare not stray or wander;
the door is my command
and like the rich man’s porter,
there straight and tall I stand.

I’ll try not to offend you,
and I’ll pray for self control.
God’s service is my purpose
and heaven is my goal.

So, I wear the badge of service,
for I must stand the test
I’ve got much ground to cover,
And miles to go-before I rest.