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Mother’s Ministry

Purpose (Why do we exist?)

The purpose of the Mothers Ministry is to help meet the spiritual and whole needs of the body of Christ.

Who do we serve?

We serve the Pastor, the church as a whole and the community at large.

When do we meet?

Third Thursday of every month at 5:30 pm or as the chairperson schedules. Meetings are held in the Lloyd Taylor Fellowship Hall.

Responsibility of members

1. Setting up the communion table
2. Assisting with baptism
3. Making telephone contacts, visiting the sick, shut-in, and our members
4. Being of service of the bereaved families
5. Supporting Pastor Hardy’s vision for St. Matthews Church.

How do others get involved?

1. Candidates are recommended by the Mothers, members of the church or are appointed by Pastor Kevin C. Hardy.

2. Newly elected Mothers are consecrated at Holy Convocation after which they are then able to set the Communion Table and perform all of the duties as a Mother of the Church.

3. Add, or are appointed by Pastor Kevin C. Hardy


Chairperson – Mother Sara Wearing
Co-Chairperson – Mother Marietta King
Secretary – Mother Patricia Roberts
Treasurer – Mother Inez Gibson
Chaplin – Mother Dorothy Kirby

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.
Proverbs 31:10