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Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy Ministry

Purpose (Why do we exist?)

To plan, organize and facilitate retreats, workshops, and other classes/sessions that will foster growth among St. Matthews’ Leaders.

Who do we serve?

The Academy serves the Pastor, St. Matthew’s leaders and congregation.

When do we meet?

Two major retreats are held twice a year, one in January and the other in July. The retreat in January is to give the Pastor the opportunity to discuss his vision and goals for the year with his leaders. The retreat in July serves as a motivational support for leaders as well as a status check for the progress of Ministry goals.

Responsibilities of members

1. Attend planning meetings.
2. Provide support to the various ministries in St. Matthew’s church.
3. Support the Pastor with various initiatives.

How do others get involved?

1. If you are in a leadership position in a ministry in the church ATTEND all planned retreats.
2. Bring back to your ministries what you have learned from the retreats.

Leadership Academy Events

Leadership Academy Members

Sis. Latrecia Bromell – Chairperson
Mother Marietta King
Sis. Rosa Richardson-Dolberry
Sis. Amie Smedly
Sis. Louise Hardy
Sis. Sonda Thomas