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Pastor’s Aid

Pastor’s Aid

Purpose (Why do we exist?)

To provide service to the Pastor, ensuring that he is fully equipped, prepared, and able to fulfill his responsibilities in leading the congregation. We give support and encouragement to the Paster as he carries out the vision of the church as given to him by God.

Who do we serve?

Support the Pastor when needed. We help our church family if needed.

When do we meet?

2nd Wednesday of each month.

Responsibility of members

The Pastor’s Aide Committee assists the Pastor within the ministry; serving as caretakers of the Pastor and his family.

How do others get involved?

Contact the President Sis. Annette Bell or any offices of the Ministry.


Sis Annette Bell, President (203) 589-1882
Sis. Lisa Green, Assistant Secretary
Mother Deloris Ricks, Treasurer
Mother Dorothy Kirby, Chaplain


Sis. Mabel Carroll
Sis. Sylvia Harper
Minister Rosa White
Trustee Naro Lee
Minister Brenda Ward