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Ministerial Team

Ministerial Team Ministry

Purpose (Why do we exist?)

The purpose of the Ecclesiastical Ministry is to assist the Pastor with the needs and matters of the church. We are dedicated to achieving the highest responsibility to our God, Church and Congregation. We act with integrity, we are respectful, and we honor Christ. We are accountable to the church at large to uphold moral conduct and standards according to biblical principles.

Who do we serve?

We serve the Pastor, Congregation, and Community.

When do we meet?

As needed.


Elder Andre Rogers


Elder Bessie Byrd
Elder Janet Clayton
Dr. Seesa Harris-Ellison
Elder Mae Gibson-Brown
Elder Diane Holmes
Min. Joyce Kirby
Pastor Dorothy Mewborn
Elder Cynthia Patterson
Min. Angela Pemberton
Elder Wydell Sims
Min. Joanne Taylor
Elder Brenda Ward
Min. Rosa White