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Home Mission Ministry

Purpose (Why do we exist?)

To make difference in the lives of others and to help those who are sick and shut-in.

Who do we serve?

Our ministry serves the sick and shut-in members whom are in need of our services in and around the comunity.

When do we meet?

Second Saturday of each month at 12:00PM. All are welcome.

Responsibility of members

1. Pray for the sick and shut in.
2. Visit/Call the sick members.
3. Stay current with financial obligations.
4. Support the programs of the ministry along with other Home Mission Ministries.

How do others get involved?

1. Consult any member within the ministry.
2. Word of mouth or by coming to our monthly meetings.


President, Mother Inez Gibson
Vice-President, Mother Sarah Wearing
Second Vice-President, Sis. Portual Barber
Secretary, Sis. Sharon Forbes
Treasurer, Mother Deloris Ricks
Chaplain, Mother Juanita Boyd
Asst. Chaplain, Bro. Quinn Melton
Program Commitee, Sis. Edna Edwards, Sis. Georgianna Moran


Mother Inez Gibson
Mother Sarah Wearing
Sis. Portual Barber
Sis. Sharon Forbes
Any member of the Home Mission Ministry

Home is where the heart is!